Sunday, July 19, 2009

poverty with a view

Wish I was here.

I remember back in the days of my semi/unemployment when I could hang out at places like this with a pitcher of margaritas, a couple of dogs and an equally semi-employed man. What a difference a few weeks make. Today is my last day off until I drop dead, pay off Visa or win Powerball.

The phone is still ringing with more and more w$#k. I'm to the point I cant even say yes to shifts without looking at my calendar. The agency I really wanted to w$#k for called and want a second interview. They pay better than the newest place that just hired me and I think they can give me a better schedule so if I get hired I'm going to have to dump the newest one. Kind of shitty but I have to watch out for myself. Make money. Get paid.

This past week alone I traveled 6000 miles by plane train and automobile over 4 days, chased luggage at midnight, w%#ked for both agencies, stayed up 24 hours, hosted a canine sleepover in my twin bed (nothing like being squished between a wall and 100 lbs of mutts during a record breaking heatwave, I woke up furrier than they are), took care of a neighbors garden, cleaned the Trailer, walked Cavedog daily and did my own yard w%$k.

I'm going to w%$k regularly for the person with Oldtimers, unpredictable at times but I'm getting the hang of it. They were in a pissy mood about taking their meds so finally I begged and said "Pleaseeeeee client x." They snapped back at me, "Did you just say please?" gave a big sigh and said "Oh alright." Like the please made them feel obligated. Good manners never go out of style. There are some rough times but I genuinely like them.

Besides the end of Motime and Guiding Light has anyone noticed Kleenex lately? Remember when I used to post about the tastefully decorated boxes? Reproductions of the masters, scenic vistas and holiday designs? They're gone, at least in this town. All thats left are crappy two tone designs in crappy blues, greens or grays. I dont know what happened but its taken some of the joy out of my allergies.


  1. companies are economizing in every way. even design has gotten thrifty and bland.

    i'm so happy for you - even if you are exhausted. how come you have to fly around so much? ever gonna wind up here? and if so, would you even have a moment to spare?

  2. We have all the floral and scenic Kleenex one could ever possibly want here. It's got to be a conspiracy.

  3. ah yes, 95 degrees a couple nights ago and bono is glued beside me with harley draped over my legs. like little hot water bottle battery packs. if they go outside, they lay on the ground under shady bushes or go over to my neighbor's house to lay on her cool concrete driveway. so why when indoors do they attach themselves to me like little heat seaking devices?

  4. This last short trip I assisted a physically disabled person travel to a conference, I wrangled all their adaptive gear. Great gig, paid for, got paid and had time for fun.

    I cant believe they are still making fancy Kleenex boxes north of the border. I need a black market connection. Maybe someone could smuggle me a few boxes in their gas tank.

    Prime real estate here is still on top the warm cable box, even in summer. Those cats are nuts.

  5. 53 years old, laid off after 31 years!
    Had a month off, signed up for agencies. Big mistake! First job, "process worker". On the go for 11 hours out of 12. 6pm start, 6am. finish. Minimum wage. No thanks! (Didn't go back)
    Second job, the phone rang at 10.30am.
    "Hi, (different) agency here, I know it's at short notice, but could you start at 6pm. tonight to cover for someone who's called in sick? Me, "No problem"! I drive to the place, located almosr 50 miles away, to find they've been "economical" with the truth. The shifts are 6pm to 6am, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday! No thanks!

  6. Your life has always fascinated me. I don't know if that is a compliment or not. I just discovered that I could still see my blog on mo'time. It's weird to think you've moved.

    Transiently nostalgic,
    Owen (...uncreative...)