Thursday, July 9, 2009

Be careful what you wish for

I knew after all these months of scrounging for w#@k an explosion was in the making.

Agency #2 hired me yesterday and is promising all the hours I can handle. They are in a huge rush and gave me a client schedule minutes after I walked into the office for an orientation after being hired. There was supposed to be a two week delay in my hiring because living in New Hamster 7 years ago popped up on their biographical colonoscopy. Somehow they got the backgroud check rushed. I assured the evil HR there was nothing hiding in New England but a lot of moose.

Our lack of privacy makes my throat close up a little. I never changed any ID's, car tags, billing addresses etc from this here Trailer Park address when I moved to New Hamster. They dont even have a state tax so I never filed but I guess with just a local job and bank account there it popped up. I'm also paying 50 bucks for a fingerprint card with the man. Even more personal info piling up in my permanent record.

I'm going out of town for a few days on a private paid gig assisting disabled. Between the family agency #1 sent me to and the rush of agency #2 they have me w$#king just hours before I get on the plane and hours after I get back.

Even without agency #2 for the past week every day my boss calls with a different temp job or the family adds to my schedule. Its a relief after no w#@k and having a sour stomach everytime I broke out the ole Visa. The bad part is the schedule for the man I love was so crazy I can only w$#k part of it and he'll have to find someone else for the other part. I'm going on the 7 day a week plan until that $@#$@ credit card is paid off once and for all. I was really knocking it down but add a 2 grand dental bill last year and forced unemployment and wahhhhhhhhh!

I now have files, a day planner, a huge notebook, calendar, dry erase board, the all important box of latex gloves and the dreaded cell phone after 11 years of being mobileless. My last phone was the size of a brick and had the features of the two Donald Duck orange juice cans with the piece of string system. But now I have a camera and can text. Only thing I've figured out was the camera. A caregiver who relieved me the other night showed me how to text and last night she used the sneaky gathering of my number to text me at 10 pm asking me to come in early today. I'm starting off on a love hate relationship with that little electronic bastard but I love opening it up and seeing Cavedog's smiling face since thats the only way I'm going to be seeing him these days.

C'mon Powerball.


  1. i'm so happy you've got more work! down, visa, down!

  2. its gone crazy got home from a long day and there was a message from a caregiver from this man i help privately on occasion wanting me to take one of their shifts, cha ching!

  3. Yes, phone as electronic leash. Make sure to set aside some time for yourself! You will still be able to beat the visa bill into submission.

  4. i do have a cell phone now but it's largely off or ringing away in my purse somewhere. i think i inherited this -- genetically. my great uncle, who lived up in the mountains without plumbing or electricity for the last 20-25 years of his life (and much before that but solidly after he was about 60 -- i used to live in the cabin he built in the 20s, when he was in his 20s) finally gave in and ran a phone line three quarters of a mile up the rough dirt road to the cabin some time in the early 60s. everbody kept telling him he'd need it for emergencies. so he had one put in -- it's still up there, strung tree to tree. anyway, he had it for about two months and then one day it rang. and that was it. he had it disconnected.

    no doubt it's a bit of a culture shock but it's a good thing you are so in demand now. when it rains, it pours. or so they say.

  5. Work. There, I said it.

    Rusty, I just tried to post an image here, and it wouldn't let me. They are terribly unprogressive here it seems, although I'm not sure you wanted to see Kim Jung Il naked anyway. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

  6. It just went beyond pouring, think I'm going to have to call FEMA for my free trailer. Five minutes after I turned my new electronic leash on this morning only to play with the ringtones it rang. The other caretaker wanted me to w$#k Saturday for a few hours in the afternoon while she takes a more lucrative gig. The problem is I am w$#king that job 11 hours staying awake overnight tonight and tomorrow night, actually Sunday 3 am I have to be out of the Trailer and driving hours to the airport so sometime Sat need sleep and get ready. So I told her no, a few hours later my boss called wanting me to w$#k that shift, no again and now the family just called. As soon as the Visa is paid off I'm going mobileless again.

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  8. This is really getting crazy I just got yet another call for a nice private care job for tomorrow night but I'm leaving. Its a great feeling from not being able to get hired at Taco Bell to the phone ringing off the hook. I'm sick of all the standard ringtones and down to the frogs and crickets one.

    Also got a 4th call asking me to w$%k a few hours tomorrow afternoon so I finally caved in. Who needs sleep? There are funny videos made by a guy making the rounds and his motto is Make Money, Get Paid. Thats what I say everytime I hang up or walk out the door.

  9. you're going to host a kegger at your trailer before you start sending the checks to your Master, right?