Friday, December 24, 2010

It's hard enough times with folks losing homes and w#@k. Toilet paper is being test marketed sans cardboard tube and now we can add the loss of the 7th layer to the ever increasing list of suck. That's right, Safeway is now selling 6-Layer dip. What's next? BT minus the L sammiches, Single Bubble Bubble Gum, Denny's replacing the Grand Slam with the You Got Hit By The Ball And Walked to First breakfast? I blame Al Gore.

It was 7 years ago on a Christmas Eve just like tonight I started my first blog. I'm feeling sentimental and missing our old Mo-gang.


  1. but what *was* that other layer?

    merry blogmas!

  2. Hi Radishly! I dont know where you are on the net. All I see is the balloon blog on your blogspot but thats not you is it? Very sorry for that lady. Hope all is well in your corner of the country.
    Happy Blogyear!

  3. hey there long lost fellow blogger... i've missed you! glad to see you posting again! i see links to other motimers here, i'll have to see if they're still at it too.

    i think i saw a two musketeers bar at a gas station over the holiday.

    thanks for stopping by, rusty and i'll look for more posts from you in the coming year. take care, tim

  4. hm, don't know about a balloon blog. maybe i'm subbed to it or something? i started one for nablopomo this year, but am going to pull it.

    i might start a new one when i go on maternity leave in april ;)

    are you on facebook yet?