Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bank of America is a bunch of dirty bastards

Our beloved Motime has gone the way of the dodo, my weight ever being under 110 lbs again and John and Kate's marriage. Just looking at that vile little us.splinder plus all the spam reassures me that I made the correct but sad decision in moving.

My w$#k situation or lack of is still not settled. This agency really doesnt have anything steady for me. I've been filling in for caregivers needing time off and thats it. I think they just continually hire people for this purpose.

I temped helping one man for a few shifts, didnt take long to learn a good day was him only asking to die once.

In the hour of spare time between lunch and his doctors appointment....
"What do you want to do now Robert?"
"I want to die."
"How about I read you the sports page instead?"

Another one of those jobs has led to the individual wanting me to be one of his regular caregivers but thats still a month away from happening after his current aide moves. I love this guy and I think helping him out wont even seem like w#@k but it will only be part time.

I need to find more hours so I've been in contact with another agency this week to try to fill in the holes. All these agencies have the same training program so I just hope I dont have to repeat it all over and over. Being the shortest person in the class I was repeatedly dropped and pinned down in learning blocks and restraints.

This shit is really getting old. The classifieds for other kinds of w$#k are still nonexistent and this should be the prime hiring season, it will only get worse in a month or two.

I logged onto a nursing home website to apply for dining room help. Didnt get the job but did get a laugh from the music on their homepage. What evil web genius decided to have it play a Time To Say Goodbye? How does a girl from the Park even recognize a Time to Say Goodbye especially without the Brightman/Bocelli vocals you may ask. I learned all I know about classical music from the 2 a.m. stereo blastings of cultured alcoholics I spent a week with once.

To top it off this morning I see the $%@^%***#@^&^$%^#%%)*_(*)(*()*^&*$^%#&*^(*)#!!++(&^$#@ Bank of America raised my monthly fee from 5.95 to 8.95 with no warning. I really hope I'm wrong in being an atheist and there is a seat in hell for every banking, insurance, and healthcare executive plus the politicians of course.


  1. Rusty, your new blog looks absolutely great. You add new vermin to your lovely home daily, and you've even got a couple of koi farting around on the bottom of your page. Very nice. Now I'm tempted to try a whole new look for mine.

    'Time To Say Goodbye'? Seriously? I guess they couldn't find an upbeat version of 'Death March'.

  2. yeah i was just about to say there is something very fishy going on with this blog.

    drat i have been so slammed at w$#k that i haven't had a moment to even get the links done on my blog. this w$#k thing really gets in the way of a social life sometimes.

    so sad yesterday to see motime no more. now it's splenda. or sphincter or splinter or whatever it is but it's just not right. just not.

  3. I very much miss the days of 2am radio. It's just not what the kid wants to do in the wee hours of "get up get up get up!"

  4. freakin economy. freakin banks. freakin lack of work.

  5. Oh there is a special hell for bankers and the rest of that lot. Even if there isn't a 'real' hell, there is one for them!

    I miss our Motime terribly, but I know I made the right decision to leave, too.

  6. there's fish on your blog!!! and i can feed them! cool!!!!